It is a Great Sport.. or is it?

This is my first english text here, and maybe last.. but hope certain peoples read this and have some thought about it.


When I started to fish salmon long time ago, we didn’t had the internet. Only way to find information was reading the Real magazines and the books about the salmon fishing, having friends and relationships around the fishing, and of course- go fishing.

At that time everything around fishing was some kind of fresh. 

What I mean is cause we didn’t have all the time access to catch reports, river flows, snow melting weather etc., it somehow teach us learn more about the nature.

It was really fun to go every morning to check out the water level from the stick which you put to the water last thing before got sleep. Or getting out from the cabin in a morning and smell the air and try to figure out if there’s going to rain today. 

If you needed to call home, we had to drive far from the river to having a nearest phone to use.

Now, when you wake up, you just open the phone and check water level, forecast, snow melting, catch reports and maybe take some stupid photo to FB about yourself.

Can we go to fishing anymore with out the phones or social media?

I have understand, that fishing should be relaxing? When I see youngsters on the river, who check their phones all the time, taking pictures and updates their SM all the time I get sad. So many things around them flows away.

You should give the time for yourself and try to learn some things yourself. Fishing is all the time learning- a school where you won’t never graduate.

Worst cases are the guys with Bluetooth on their ear when they are in the pool..

Okay, loosing the line..I do these things also. 

I try to stay on the same train with the youngters. I’m on the Instagram, cause I like to show flies of mine, as also look pictures about the flies and fishing of others.

When I’m on fishing, I try to avoid check the phone every time, when I sit down around the camp fire. it is my moment, not anybody’s else. Normally I don´t call to anyone except to my son and wife when I´m in North.

I really enjoy the moments around the camp fire with good friends, just talking about the fishing and life, maybe having few drams with them. No phones or Pads, just fire, pals and the river.

Maybe I’m getting old.. 

C&R is great, but sometimes, I take a fish and eat it, usually in cases when it is injured so bad that it is stupid to put it back.

What I don’t like is how catch reports are twisted now a days. It is very easy to estimate weight of the fish higher than it really is. Remember, the scale is ruthless.

There’s nothing wrong with the estimated weights, but some instances are  using the report system wrongly. It is easy to report the catches bigger than they are, for having clients.

Don’t get me wrong. As I said, I’m getting old. It is always better to estimate the weight and release the fish than kill it just having a precise weight.

Also, very strange things happened this season.. Few days ago my friend told me, that Land Owner I know, from the river I do fish, has called to my friend and was very pissed of, cause some “known” Scandinavian salmon fisher has gone to his property acting badly and tried to have fishing rights to the Land Owners pools. 

Owner asked this salmon fisher to leave and this salmon fisher was some reason told, that he had got Land Owners name and number from me… What the Fuck???

I don´t know this guy, never spoken with him, never met him, don’t know anything about him.. I got very angry, and it took lots of time to prove  Land Owner that I don’t have anything to do with this and I don’t even know this guy. I just can´t get it, why someone uses my name for his own benefits??

If can´t have fishing by self, it is better to stay home.


Anyway,  I started summerfishing and try to enjoy it as much as I can.

There will be a time, when I’m not capable to do it anymore.

I succeed already and hopefully I land a fish or two more during the season. If not, that’s how it should be then..

Happy Fishing everyone…It is a great sport.

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